Those last few days. No way of wrapping it pretty or pretending otherwise Rafa was dying. It wasn’t easy knowing death was around the corner. ” Hey hermano get the remote” he said, his voice still had that definitive tone but it was also raspy and cracking. I obeyed his command, I would’ve normally ignored his […]

I believe that Macbeth is just a butcher because he always wanted a way to get around the witches prophecy. There are many examples of this. One such example of this is when Macbeth knew that he would not have children who will become his heirs to the throne. Instead Banquo’s children will become kings […]

In my opinion I think that the scene portrayed by Patrick Stewart was the best one because it showed real fear in Macbeth. This shows that even though Banquo is dead his soul literally haunts Macbeth and that is shown when Macbeth has asked to sit down but wouldn’t. This emphasises the fact that Macbeth […]

Today, I witnessed the greatest fight of all time so far. It was between a whole rebel army lead by Macdonald and King Duncan’s army. It wad a rainy day, thunder and lightning crashed down before them. Both sides stared at each other none daring to blink. There was about 10000 men on Macdonald’s side, […]

“Come on Kieran” screamed Veteran Phillips, it rattled the bones of Kieran’s fragile body. “I’m coming” replied Kieran, but really he wasn’t he was looking Bethany “oh where are you Beth” thought he thought desperately his eyes whizzed round. Meteors were smashing around them, there was a colourful aura about them but they were ruthless, […]

my first sci-fi books is Jurassic park. Jurassic park is a book where a scientist has brought dinosaurs to a private island. He then brings his grandchildren there to explore the island but they are attacked by a T-rex who is blood thirsty for their meat. My second book is The Hunger Games Mockingjay part […]

Philip Reeve creates an effective character with Shrike by showing that he has more than one side to him. One side of Shrike is a ruthless monster who only cares about his own feelings and no one else. He also shows that he is a person who really couldn’t care less if his intended target was […]

Once there was a nasty thing called Grendal, Grendal eats people he does not like much, At night he would sneak in through the handle I’ve never seen a thing who’s done so much, He feasted on the sleeping at midnight, The king found the dead people in white bone, But a knight called Beowulf came […]

Shakespeare shows comparison between summer and the person he’s writing to by saying “shall i compare thee to a summers’s day?” this tells me that Shakespeare thinks the person is as beautiful as summer. “Sometime to hot the eye of heaven shines” this is a metaphor meaning that the “eye of heaven” is the Sun […]

The neighbors had a good relationship, They were best friends and it was very true, Their names were Mr. Nick and Mr. Lee, They worked in unison and harmony, We need to talk said Mr. Lee sadly, What is the matter Lee said Mr. Nick, I am quite sad with how things art with thee, […]